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Attaching the Watershades leash system

Here’s a short video to guide you on the correct way to attach the leash and necklace to your Surge or Typhoon watershades.

There are 2 stages to setting it up. We recommend that you first attach the leash to the silicone necklace and then attach the leash to the frame.

Attaching the leash to the silicone necklace

  1. Turn the silicone necklace over so that the embossed LiP logos are facing downwards. Grab the leash and orientate it so that the clear plastic hook opening is facing upwards.
  2. Place the inside edge of the silicone necklace next to the leash hook opening as shown in the video. With one of your hands, grip the necklace and with the other hand stretch the silicone
  3. As you stretch the silicone, guide it into the hook opening and once inside, release the pressure.

Attaching the leash to the temple tips

  1. To ensure a comfortable fit, you want to ensure that the flat part of the leash clip is oriented inwards towards the head
  2. Grab one of the leash clips in one hand with clip opening facing upwards and then place the opening of the temple tip on top of this opening.
  3. Hold the two components together by applying pressure with a thumb.
  4. With the other hand, gently stretch the temple tip rubber over the top and then the bottom part of the clip until you see it slot securely into place.
  5. Repeat the procedure for the other temple.
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